noun | mis-sion | \’mi-shen\

An established objective or purpose for which a group of people perform a service or carry on an activity. A motivation to action.

Building People. Building Teams. Building Nations.

Building People

A successful company builds upon successful people. Successful people come from being motivated and strengthened. Corporate Mission is designed with purpose so that each team member understands their pertinent role within the team.

Building Teams

Communication, productivity, and loyalty are important factors to help a company achieve its goals. We believe in catering a team building adventure for your company that will create, strengthen, and maintain relationships within your team. Through various events that foster collaboration, your team will return with long-lasting relationships that will positively affect the daily operation of your company.

Building Nations

Through years of experience, we have found that inspiration can come from inspiring others. Corporate Mission strategically places team building events in underserved areas where individuals can utilize their resources while making a lasting impact on developing communities. Together we can make this world better.

Craig Terndrup,
Gateway Church

"Corporate leaders are great at answering the “How?” of training teams and less focused on the “Why?” of building teams.

Henry Fisher understands the “Why”.

Do you want to build healthy, committed leaders? Do you want to capture the imagination and the heart of the next generation?

Henry Fisher can help you accomplish this through his approach to team building and international relationships."

Elmer Zook,
Quality Buildings, LLC

"I’ve seen the impact that it has had on entire communities in different parts of the world, and I have personally been encouraged and empowered by having the opportunity of being a part."

Emmanuel Hoffer,
Hoffer Concrete

"I went to Brazil to do construction and it turned out to be a life-changing experience. I was able to help those people who had so much need and no way to pay you back for anything except with their big smiles, grateful heart and warm hospitality. I know that the children's homes, Pastor’s house, bakery, and rehab buildings were going to change lives."

J. David Copeland,
Copeland Development and Construction Co., Inc

"It was one of the most rewarding trips I have ever gone on and it had a huge impact on the seven other men that went."

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